PTC Mass. Innovation Center Program for Startups

PTC Offers ThingWorx® Industrial Innovation Platform to Mass. Innovation Centers,
Drives State-wide Digital Transformation Efforts


Program Overview

Be among the first to take advantage of PTC’s new program, which provides qualified innovation center members with powerful PTC tools and technologies for product innovation:

  • Augmented Reality (AR):  Vuforia
  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT):  ThingWorx
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD):  Creo
  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM):  Windchill

This program is available to qualified Mass. innovation center members (start-ups) at no cost until they generate $1M in annual product and service revenues.

Accelerate Digital Transformation

Take advantage of the following PTC industrial innovation tools to improve operational excellence and increase workforce productivity:

  • IIoT:  ThingWorx is a complete, end-to-end technology platform for the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). It delivers tools and technologies that empower businesses to rapidly develop and deploy powerful applications and AR experiences. ThingWorx Apps can accelerate your IIoT projects, from local pilots to global production.
  • AR:  Vuforia delivers industrial AR through its best-in-class computer vision technology, robust tracking capabilities, and breath of platform support. With 600K+ registered developers and hundreds of global enterprise customers across 30+ verticals — no other technology is used in more applications to deliver AR.
  • CAD:  Create, design, and innovate with Creo. PTC’s CAD product includes breakthrough capabilities in Additive Manufacturing, IoT, Model-Based Definition (MBD), and AR. Design faster and smarter by connecting your digital design to your physical products.
  • PLM:  PTC’s PLM out-of-the-box applications serve as multi-system data orchestration, enabling your team to break down those silos, reduce time-to-market, decrease costs, improve quality, and further drive innovation.
Training Resources

A number of resources are available in supporting you through training, including:

  • PTC’s online training
  • Tap into PTC’s user groups
  • Build your own “community of interest”



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