Boston Engineering Events

Medical Exoskeleton Design & Engineering Webinar with ICS & Boston Engineering – 12/8

Join ICS and Boston Engineering as they share key considerations for medical exoskeleton development – including usability and engineering – on Tuesday, December 8. As medical device and robotics technology mature and grow more capable they also become more complex, requiring focus on usability aspects from both a user experience (UX) design and regulatory perspective….

Exhibit Dates: December 8, 2020

Oceanology International 2020 (Virtual) — 12/1

Visit our virtual booth at Oceanology International 2020 to find out more about our development of robotics, unmanned systems, and special tactical equipment for maritime applications. Some of our latest technologies include: The BIOSwimmer  is a biologically-inspired unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) with broad commercial and 澳门新葡平台游戏网站homeland security applications that include inspecting ships, securing ports, and conducting…

Exhibit Dates: December 1-4, 2020

Ansys Webinar: Startup Program Overview — 11/10

The Ansys Startup Program is designed for early-stage startups with limited funding and revenue. Qualified companies use simulation software bundles to help develop technology quickly and cost-effectively. Use Ansys to modify and to test your virtual prototype hundreds of times during the same time period it would take you to build and test one physical…

Exhibit Dates: November 10, 2020

MDG Boston: Robotic Surgery — 11/4

  Surgical robotics capabilities are advancing rapidly and are being used across myriad medical specialties. But how are surgeons actually using robotics today? And what are the driving factors and hurdles associated with medical robotics in the future? To address these questions, experts from Lahey Hospital, Beth Israel Lahey Health, Emerson Hospital, and Boston Engineering…

Exhibit Dates: November 4, 2020

Ansys Webinar: How to Simulate Watertight Meshing with Ansys Fluent — 10/27

Ansys Fluent is the industry-leading fluid simulation software used to predict fluid flow, heat and mass transfer, chemical reactions, and other related phenomena. Ansys Fluent’s physics modeling capabilities include cutting-edge turbulence models, multiphase flows, heat transfer, combustion, shape optimization, multiphysics, and more. Boston Engineering’s free tutorial will highlight how to advance from a CAD file…

Exhibit Dates: October 27, 2020

2020 UAS Summit and Expo (Virtual) — 10/28-10/29

The UAS Summit & Expo has become a yearly major event for UAS experts from around the world. It’s the original epicenter of drone research, earned its place as the Silicon Valley of Drones and as you’ll see from the commercial, government and military flight activity filling the sky of the Northern Plains and beyond…

Exhibit Dates: October 28-29, 2020

Creo 7.0 Webinar — 10/14

Product design gets more complicated each year and you need to build better products faster. But you may also be feeling the sting of talent shortages and more innovative competition. This is where your design software can help. In Creo 7.0, you’ll find advances in multibody and generative design, real-time design guidance, and computer-aided manufacturing….

Exhibit Dates: October 14. 2020

2020 AFFOA Virtual Member Event — 10/7-10/8

The 2020 AFFOA Virtual Member Event will feature updates on AFFOA and its 110 member strong ecosystem pushing the frontiers of advanced textile technologies for defense and commercial markets. This event will be filled with illuminating presentations from industry, academic, and government leaders including guest remarks by Governor Baker of MA and Governor Wolf of…

Exhibit Dates: October 7-8, 2020

AdvaMed MedTech Conference — 10/5-10/7

Visit us virtually at the AdvaMed MedTech Conference to find out more about the latest medical devices product development innovations. Learn how Boston Engineering is solving complex product development challenges for medical devices and biomedical organizations. And, find out how medical devices companies are using augmented reality (AR) and IoT to: Drive added value for…

Exhibit Dates: October 5-7, 2020

Optimizing Usability and Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) in Medical Robotics — 10/1

Robotics healthcare applications demand a seamless interaction between the robot and the user — requiring new models that improve utility and mitigate inherent risks. This requires fully integrated system development across UX/UI and control systems, and an added focus on minimizing the task load on the surgeon. Our three presenters will provide several examples as a…